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About Povlja

Bring a touch of summer to your daily thoughts!

Povlja, typical small Dalmatian place offers peace and quietness and is ideal for a family summer holidays far away from the summer flurry of big cities. Povlja is located on the north-eastern side of island Brac, in one of the most beautiful bays of the island.

At first it was a significant Roman anchorage and it got its name after Paulus, the Roman who built his villa here. The place is known for an Early Christian basilica the remains of which are located next to the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist.

The majority of islanders in both Povlja and Brac in general are occupied with wines, olives and fishing. Numerous restaurants will make sure you get a taste of the fresh fish served with home-made wines. Povlja offers beautiful bays, long walks, cultural attractions and nightlife in bars, pizzerias and restaurants.

Povlja is surrounded by many bays with different types of beaches and the center of the town also offers safe berth in the little port.

The most popular are the coves of Travna, Smokvica, Tičja luka, Tatinja and Luke. Besides its extraordinary scenic beauty and historical and cultural sights, it offers many sports and recreational activities such as scuba-diving, sailing or soccer.

If you wish to explore outside the village or the lovely port of Makarska on the mainland and the historic island of Hvar there is a ferry trip from Sumartin and beautiful Bol.